Magento Hosting

Magento Hosting T3

Magento hosting with a 24/7 full support staff, complete backups, RAID 10 storage, and caching optimized specifically for Magento.

Magento Hosting - Dedicated Server

Magento optimized hosting on a edicated server.
Developer and linux administrator managed plan.
1) Server admin managed provides you with a team who does server related tasks for them upon request.
2) Developer management provides tools in place to detect code modifications and be alerted to look to see if there are issues. If so, we take action. Depending on the nature of the issue, the action taken may be covered in the managed cost.
An example would be if there was a hack, a developer would fix it for free but the root cause of the hack might require cost to fix.
Additionally all Magento-related security alerts are implemented when they come out. Minor Magento upgrades that fix bugs are also included.

  • 2x Hex Core E5-2420, 600 GB Disk Space RAID-10, 500 GB/mo CDN Data Traffic, New Relic Standard Analytics, Redis Cache & Memcached, 24 GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM, 650 GB/mo Data Usage Specs include