Fully managed hosting plans provide three levels of management. With Red Wagon's hosting plans, each is managed in the sense that plugins or extensions can be installed upon request, subdomains or some server related configuration such as SFTP, can be added.

With the level three management, you now get a server admin and developer managed server. Let me explain in more detail.

1) Server admin managed provides you with a team who does server related tasks for them upon request. Third party tool like Gulp, Ruby Gems or Bower can be installed. Some configuration can be done for you as well, like server migration and setting up Magento instances or databases.

2) Developer management provides tools in place to detect code modifications and be alerted to look to see if there are issues. If so, we take action. Depending on the nature of the issue, the action taken may be covered in the managed cost. An example would be if there was a hack, a developer would fix it for free but the root cause of the hack might require cost to fix. Additionally all Magento-related security alerts are implemented when they come out. Minor Magento upgrades that fix bugs are also included.

Friday, May 1, 2015

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